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Swan's Pandora

Hunting in Maryland

Swan's Orion

Hunting and Eventing in Virginia

Horses that have been Sold

Swan's Vixen

Eventing and Hunting in Virginia

Swan's Artemis

Eventing in


Swan's Duet

Hunting in Massachusetts

Swan's Melody

Eventing in Rhode Island

Swan's Shadow

Huntingin Arizona


Eventing in Massachusetts

Swan's Nobility


in Virginia

Swan's Phoenix

Eventing and Hunting

in Massachusetts

Swan's Pegasus


Eventing in Massachusetts

Swan's Prancer

Hunting and Eventing

in Virginia

Swan's Half Moon Bay


Eventing in


Swan's Buttercup

Hunting and Eventing

in New York and Virginia

Swan's Honor

Hunting and Eventing

in Virginia

Swan's Starry Starry Night

Eventing in Massachusetts

Swan's Grace


Eventing in Virginia

Swan's Blitzen

Eventing and Hunting

in New Hampshire

Swan's Grey Goose

Eventing and Hunting

in Virginia

Swan's Fury

Hunting and Eventing

in Arizona

Swan's Glory

Eventing in Virginia

Swan's Comet

Hunting in Virginia

Swan's Monsoon

Hunting in New Jersey

The following are Elysian Hills bred horses (by our stallion Trigger) which are happy, healthy and enjoying their new owners.

Elysian Hills is offering for sale the lovely horses listed below. 

Those horses with names Swan's...  are a product of our breeding program. 

Please click on any of the listed horses to view photos and additional information.

Elysian Hills' Sales Policy

Prices are subject to change with the development of the horse.
You are welcome to try any of our horses at Elysian Hills as often as you would like.
Please bring your trainer or utilize one of the trainers at Elysian Hills to test the suitability of any horse in which you are interested.
We encourage you to take advantage of our facility – cross country course, stadium course and dressage arenas – when trying our horses.
Please note that we do not offer a trial period on any of the horses and do not allow the horses to leave the premises unless accompanied by an Elysian Hills staff member.

Thank you for your interest in Elysian Hills horses.
Click on the name for additional information and photos.